A set is a journey, with songs and sounds that connect the crowd to an experience or to a moment in their lives. It should be something special, something memorable.


David Mumford is foremost a Dj, he has engulfed himself in the lifestyle pulling inspiration from underground raves; huge electronic festivals, and his hometown club where he currently holds a three year residency. He carefully constructs his sets to both appeal to and inspire the people he plays for. His vast knowledge of music and invaluable experience playing in small town clubs enables David to flow seamlessly between genres while maintaining a unique and beautiful style that is uplifting and inspiring. David was born and raised in Nanaimo BC, a small town on the west coast of Canada. He brings this west coast attitude into his sets and song selection, often triggering the sense of being on a warm sandy beach dancing under the stars. Each set he plays reconfirms his love for music, Djing and of course the people he plays for. Throughout his growing career, David has had the opportunity and privilege to Dj alongside some of the most talented Dj’s and producers in the industry, some of which include Lazy Rich, Mat The Alien, Mord Fustang, LongWalkShortDock, Spencer & Hill, Joe Garston, and Mt. Eden. At the age of 19, he also hatched his own record label DirtyTalk Records. Again following his west coast roots, David has created a label that envelops a lifestyle of sun, surf, and sandy beaches. Now, three years later, the label continues to expand holding record deals with artists around the world.

Confident in his style, David continues to grow. He has now started work on his own productions, bringing his sets to a whole new level of creativity and individualism. Constructed from a wide range of elements his sets include funky breakdowns, emotional buildups, and huge drops. Along with his favorite songs, you will hear his own remixes, live mashups, and original tracks laced in to create a truly memorable and exciting experience.